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Richelle Mead, la nuova trilogia sta per giungere al secondo capitolo


Midnight Jewel, il secondo e atteso capitolo della nuova trilogia firmata da Richelle Mead, arriverà in Italia ad ottobre. Nell’attesa del secondo volume (che si concentrerà sulle avventure di una ragazza molto diversa rispetto alla già conosciuta Adelaide di The Glittering Court) l’autrice ci racconta come nasce la nuova saga e cosa potremo trovare tra le sue pagine in cui si combinano con equilibrio il genere fantasy, romance e dispotico. Pagine che hanno già conquistato migliaia di lettrici in tutto il mondo.


-How is the Glittering Court series born?

I’d been wanting to write a fantasy series for a long time. A lot of fantasy books are set in worlds resembling medieval Europe, and I thought it would be fun to have a fantasy world with elements inspired by different parts of history, like the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration. The series setting and country are fictitious, but parts of them resemble colonial America, and that isn’t something I’ve ever seen before.

I also really wanted to write a series with heroines who are strong and stand up for what they want—but who don’t always do it by physically fighting. Often, books made it seem like the only way a woman can be “tough” is if she’s out there punching people. And that’s not true. Strength comes in all sorts of forms, and girls in beautiful dresses are just as fierce as those who wear leather or jeans.

-Did you get inspired by a particular person to characterize the main characters of the series?

There’s no person in particular I can think of. I love playing with different personality types, though, and so I try to get as creative as possible. I also like matching up personalities in romantic couples. Are the two people the same? Are they opposites? What does one offer the other? How are they stronger together? Love and psychology are endlessly fascinating.

-Do you have a favourite character and why?

No, I love them all! Each girl is so different. Adelaide turns her back on a lavish life in order to run away to a strange country and choose her own path and love. She’s funny and charming and learns how to (literally) get her hands dirty. Mira is the most physical of the three. She knows how to fight, and she comes to the New World with an agenda. She thinks love and passion are easy to ignore—but she soon finds she’s wrong. And Tamsin is a character that will surprise everyone. She’s so ambitious, almost to the point of being ruthless. But when you hear her backstory, your heart will break for her.

-The Glittering Court series is a trilogy that will have three different girls as narrators. Why did you make that choice?

The series is set up in a unique way. Each book tells one girl’s complete story. They aren’t sequential. So, you could actually read the books in any order. Their stories occur at the same time, and for most of the books, you have no idea what the other girls are doing. Sometimes they cross paths, and that’s when things get fun. One girl may be at a party talking to a suitor, and a strange man crosses the room. You never see him again in her book, but then when you read another girl’s book, you find out how important he was and that he was conducting secret business at the party! By the time you finish all three books, you’ll have all sorts of questions answered. It’s a fun experiment but very difficult to write. If the girls ever share a scene, I have to make sure all the dialogue and details match between books.

-Is there a message that you want to leave to the readers with this series?

I want readers to see that strength comes in so many different forms and that you can be tough no matter who you are or where you come from. Standing up for your beliefs, loving your friends and family…those are just as powerful as physical strength. Often even more powerful.

-Describe with three adjective this first novel in the series.

Romantic, intricate, thrilling